Hero Collector – Back to Hogwarts Blogtour

It’s been a while since my last post but I thought I’d jump back in it with an amazing blogtour and collection! Last year Hero Collector created the Wizarding World Figurine Collection where you can take a bit of the magic home with you. I have the honour of closing this Back to Hogwarts blogtour with my version of Queenie.

Queenie Goldstein is the younger of the two sisters from the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them franchise. She is a very talented occlumens and I imagine this might have gotten her into trouble when she was younger. In the first film she is quick to tell both Newt and Jacob what they are thinking and will answer them without them having to voice anything. She and Jacob fall in love which is forbidden in the US. The US seems to have vastly different rules than the UK at that time. With the second Salemers it’s no wonder, but it does bring for some heart breaking moments in Crimes of Grindelwald.

The Wizarding World Figurine Collection is an amazing collection filled with all our favourite characters from both the Harry Potter films and the Fantastic Beast ones. Not just wizards, witches and muggles get their spot to shine, but you’ll also find some fantastic beasts along the way. The collection is planned for 40 figurines at the moment, with a potential to expand. You can chose to get the entire collection in a subscription (you’ll receive a lot of nice extras with this) or to buy them separately from their e-shop.


Every figurine is carefully crafted in a 1:16 scale and hand painted. You will also receive a 16 page collector’s magazine with the figurines.  The specials are much bigger than the 1:16 scale, and in my opinion even more amazing. Specials so far have been: Hagrid and Buckbeak, with the third one announced as the Niffler.

The subscription starts for £2,99 with Dumbledore from the Prisoner of Azkaban PLUS a lovely art print with the Hogwarts crest.  Every other issue following is £13,99, plus £2,99 package and posting (Bonus issues excluded). There will also be FREE gifts like a binder for your magazines, art print collector’s box, plinth & House related items such as: pin badge, t-shirt and mug. Show your house colours!

Start your subscription here.

Not a big subscription fan, but you do want the figurines? They have a e-shop where you can buy all of them separately! In the e-shop the regular figurines are £15,99 per issue and won’t include the prints or the extras that you get with the subscription, but they are still wonderful.

And if you buy from the e-shop before the 15th of September you can use the promocode THANKYOUSOMUCH for a 15% discount! How cool is that?! Head here to buy them.

Now on to my version of Queenie! In my version I imagine her (SPOILER) hanging out with Grindelwald too long. So much so that she’s joined the dark side. Obviously I used face-paint as my medium. If you haven’t seen my creations yet head to Kumadori Facepaint for a quick look.

At first I tried to create a base by using white paint, but this backfired as it wouldn’t stick. Then I tried to just paint it with my face-paint which worked wonders!

The first layer was trying to work out what colours I was going to put where. I’ve never painted a model like this, especially with face-paint so I didn’t know what I could expect.

The one thing I had trouble with was the eyes. My paintbrush was not small enough to make good eyes, so I repainted them with her skin colour and started over. I really wanted to give her black eyeliner, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t stick to that plan. haha.


In the end I’m really happy with what I did and I had fun. I might paint a couple more if I can. What do you think of the result? Which one would you really like to see in the collection?




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