Journal: Moving to the UK


It’s time for this weeks journal. Every week on Sunday I’ll tell you all about my week and the books I’ve read and the new books I got.

  • Monday

This Monday I moved to the UK. My mum and I had to get up at 4.30 to be at Schiphol on time. After we arrived in London I still had to find a room and then go to school. Luckily I found a place quite quickly, but we did have to carry my luggage from Victoria station to Stratford. Not a good idea let me tell you. After we set up my room we went to Westfield shopping center. And I went to school to receive my induction. I got a lot of interesting info and I think it’s going to be a very busy year. I also found out that Miss Peregrine’s house is quite close to my uni. Haha.


  • Tuesday

First I roamed around the city with my mum. She, my sister and my dad watch Mr. Selfridge, so of course we had to go to Selfridges to take pictures. All to soon it was time for me to leave my mum to go to school. We said goodbye, but I’ll see her in a months time.

School was interesting. I found out I could do a publishing elective! I’m really happy about that. I also became course rep. 5th year for me.

  • Wednesday

I had to go to school to do the in person registration, but I forgot my passport so I went to school for nothing. And the heel of my boot broke off, so I wasn’t particularly happy. To cheer me up I went to the Hummingbird Bakery and Jamie’s Italian for lunch.

  • Thursday

I did a bit of shopping and watched Netflix for the rest of the day. I have to say, I love Good Witch and the difference between the Dutch Netflix and the UK Netflix.

  • Friday

Again a day filled with Netflix, and a bit of blogging. At night I had dinner with a childhood friend. I hadn’t seen her in 12 years. She moved to London 11 years ago and went to the same uni I am going to now. That’s how we got back in touch.


  • Saturday

Through Elise Kova’s streetteam I found out that a girl in the team was also moving to London. Today we went sightseeing. We started at the Big Ben and made our way to the houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde park, Portabello Road, the Hummingbird Bakery (again this week haha) and Oxford street. She has never been to London before so I thought I’d show her a bit of it.

  • Sunday

Today is cleaning and shopping day. and I might just make a little box filled with a lot of stuff for my friends and send it to the Netherlands.

Books Read:
The profecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow

New Books:
Titanium by Hati Bell
Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini
Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

What did you do this week?


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